Secure Parking continue to be at the forefront of technology

Posted on Friday, March 04, 2016 at 9:28 AM

Secure Parking pride themselves on being at the forefront of technology, so naturally we have embraced Virtual Tours, Virtual Reality and 360 degree video.

Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours are not new to the property industry, they are commonly used to showcase houses for sale on or Secure Parking, never ones to miss a great opportunity have started using this technology in the world of Car Park Management.

Jon Elliott, Commercial Operations Manager says ‘Virtual Tours allow us to showcase the results of our asset improvement program and make condition reporting more efficient & accurate than ever.’

The first car park we trialled this at was a Charter Hall site, 570 Bourke Street in Melbourne. Before and after shots were taken when upgrading the carpark. The beauty of it is that you can toggle between the two and really see the difference that was made. Unlike original still pictures, you can zoom in and out and see things that may get missed.

To view this in full screen mode click here

Taking it to the next (car park) level

Following the initial success of the Virtual Tours within Secure Parking the VIC team again saw an opportunity to make something interactive and fun for our customers.

Jaime Giddings, Marketing Co-ordinator explains “We will be running some fun interactive promotions and taking them to the next level with thanks to Virtual Tours. Customers can navigate through the car park to get special discounts on Secure-a-Spot for example.”

360 Video

The latest trending technology for big brands like GoPro, the automotive and fashion industry giants has got to be the 360-degree video also known as VR or Virtual Reality. These spherical videos are coming into their own, gaining more engagement and message retention than other videos on Facebook and YouTube, we will all be seeing more and more of them.

Recently we were the major sponsor of the Property Industry Foundation (PIF) cycling event and we engaged Varizon to capture it all in full 360-degree glory. Varizon are leaders in Virtual Reality and 360 Video in Australia.

Click here for an example of 360 Video.

You do however need to alter your mindset when recording the image, remembering that everything will be recorded around the camera. For example, with traditional video you may have props or people outside of the frame. All of this would be seen in a 360 video so requires some thought and planning.

Both Facebook and YouTube now automatically recognize 360° video and allow you to view it on their platforms So be prepared to see many more surfacing shortly!


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