Secure’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Commitment

Our Commitment to Corporate Citizenship (CSR)

Secure’s CSR is an integral part of how Secure defines itself as a company.

We address current challenges in society and focus on those areas in which we can apply our core expertise to achieve specific and measurable improvements. 

We focus on finding long-term solutions, which can be transferred to other parts of the Group and help people help themselves, thereby achieving a substantial and lasting effect.

We do this is three ways:

Industry – Actively engage to drive presence in marketplace and with developers, property owners, airports and airport communities - Secure will positively contribute to the Industry in which we operate our CORE offering.

Community – Secure will actively engage in the community to make a sustainable difference and involve our people and give back to those that need support.

Social – Secure locally manages a calendar of National Events for Contributions and events via Social Committees and Secure will match these donations.

Engaging Industry, Community and Social through our employees.

Our employees are encouraged to participate in our volunteer programs that allow one day per year (paid) for contributing to our selected charities. Our Give Back Programs enable employees to provide support to the community groups and social events through meaningful contributions.


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