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Secure Parking is proud to be a part of the largest, Globally renowned parking organisation -PARK24.

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Secure Parking - Who we are

As part of a Tokyo Stock Exchange listed business, with a market capitalisation of over A$6 billion, Secure Parking is transforming into a global leader of innovative technological advancement that brings a wealth of new thinking and opportunities to the Australian and New Zealand market.

We are a leading service provider that consistently delivers, being a welcome part of the customer journey.

We know that our culture defines us and separates us from the competitors. Our values drive the decisions we make and how we lead from the front.


  • Park24 is one of the world’s largest car park operators.
  • Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange, valued at over A$6 billion.
  • Over 20,000 car parks comprising over 1.2 million bays.
  • 7,000 employees across Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Malaysia and Singapore.
  • Key services include car park operation, car rental and car sharing services.


By 2022, we want to be the leader in the markets we operate – as judged by the customers we serve.

We will achieve this position by ensuring a seamless experience across every step of the customer journey.


People First - We build enduring relationships. We aim to build long term sustainable relationships.

Integrity - We do the right thing and we do what we say. We will deliver on any commitment we make.

Resilience - We see things through to the end, learn from our mistakes and embrace change. We strive to continually deliver the best outcomes for stakeholders.

Daring - We are not afraid to challenge the status quo.

Passionate - We believe in what we do and will stand up for what matters.


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