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We are passionate about our industry and continue to operate to the highest standards, to optimise and streamline all processes and to ensure maximum efficiency and the highest levels of customer service.

Secure Parking has a professional team across Australia that deliver results for all of our car park owners. 

This experience combined with detailed and carefully tailored operational and marketing plans, will ensure that revenue is maximised whilst maintaining the highest levels of service to customers.

Financial Management - Protecting, improving and growing your Asset

We have invested in the best financial and management services to provide real-time data and information to assist us to identify trends and recommend effective yield management strategies. Our transparent accounting and auditing process accounts for every dollar, delivering you complete trust and security.

Marketing - Using innovation to drive more business to your car park

Each car park is part of its own unique ‘community of interest’ comprising the building’s tenants and their visitors, the local business community and its clientele.

Secure Parking engages these communities with a combination of localised business building marketing activity, customer loyalty programs that use advanced technologies and the immediacy of digital and social media.

Operations - Deepening customer satisfaction through operational excellence

Our operational solutions cover every kind of car park, large or small – whether they are connected to stadiums, airports, shopping centres, commercial towers, hospitals and retail pay-and-display or patrolled car parks.

By combining localised and standard operating procedures, we develop a customised operational solution for each site, addressing its unique features and requirements.

Retail Parking Services - Bring Customers to your Door

‘Unauthorised’ parkers can severely affect the revenue of a business within a shopping centre as legitimate customers, that are unable to find a parking bay, take their business elsewhere.

Research indicates that an effectively operated and controlled car park can result in retail revenue increasing up to 25%. With Secure Retail parking solutions in place we will ensure there will always be parking available for legitimate customers.

Secure Parking VIP - Give your Car Park the edge and maximise your returns

Give your property the edge and increase revenue opportunities by offering your tenants the ability to book parking on behalf of their guests with Secure Parking VIP. It’s the new online booking system from Secure Parking that can be managed from the convenience of your tenant’s desks.


Our commitment to working with owners to achieve improvements in environmental management has highlighted a clear alignment between environmental and commercial objectives. Taking care of the environment actually makes business sense and also differentiates our service as the issue of sustainability becomes more important to our customers.


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