Car Park Prank Carpark Prank

Car Park - Scene of Gigantic Prank

24 Mar 2016
By Hamish and Andy

Today FM’s Hamish and Andy pulled a really hilarious prank in the car park on some of their co-workers.

We are assured no other car parks have been affected by this outbreak!

The ‘Jurassic Carpark’ prank was thanks to Jurassic World: The Exhibition with whom, the funny duo, arranged for the most realistic dinosaur on the planet to hide amongst the parked cars and then jump out on their unsuspecting co-workers.

The unlucky staff members were obviously not expecting a dinosaur to be lurking in the car park…

Watch the Jurassic Carpark video

What would your reaction be to a dinosaur chasing you?

  • A runner
  • A screamer
  • Hide behind a pole
  • Code yellow!
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