EV the Future of Car Parks

22 Mar 2021
Secure Parking and Everty Partnership

What does the future hold for car parks?

Car park and property owners, have seen that the switch to electric vehicles (EVs) accelerating. EV drivers want to be able to charge their cars when they are parked for a couple of hours. This includes workplace charging as well as ‘opportunity’ charging in public car parks in retail, entertainment and hospitality locations.

We know from EV drivers that if they have the choice, they will often choose a car park where they can charge their cars.

If you want to future-proof your asset, installing charging stations is an initiative for consideration.

Everty has been working with property owners to install EV charging in their car parks like this one recently installed by Charter Hall at a Secure Parking location in Sydney’s CBD.

The Benefits of EV charging:

  • Attract EV drivers to your car park - Include EV charging in your sustainability programs/reporting and End-of-Trip facilities
  • Retain and attract corporate clients with targets to transition to zero-emissions transport (EV 100)
  • Help your tenants in the switch to EV fleets - Integrate EV charging with your building’s energy management systems and parking operations
  • Improve your Green Star rating by one point when 5% of parking is dedicated to electric vehicles and charging infrastructure is provided for each space.

EV charging stations are becoming a critical asset for car park owners and Secure Parking and Everty have partnered to provide you with fit for purpose solutions for your car park. If you want to learn more about EV charging for your car park and ensure the future of your asset with EV contact us at partnerships@secureparking.com.au


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