The New Era of Transport and Technology

12 Jul 2022
Keeping up with Secure Parking

Understanding that technology is constantly evolving and changing the way we go about our daily lives, including transportation and finding a car park is vital at Secure Parking.

Our team are continuously trying to find new ways to ensure our customers have the best experience, whether this is with our support team member or our latest technology. In fact, our team are currently involved in planning and testing our carefully designed and engineered parking equipment to provide a seamless customer experience.

We challenge ourselves to revolutionise every individual’s parking experience and aim to be the market leader in not just parking, but in technology as well.

More recently, there have been conversations revolving how flying vehicles and drones will change Australia’s regulations and transport, calling it a ‘new era.’ Our team are already considering how Secure Parking can plan for this new era of aviation, for flying transportation and drone deliveries.

Our plans are to support this growth and change, and back companies or customers who wish to utilize this new form of transportation, because we embrace improvements and advancements. We’ll also explore our current parking spaces, to see how we can further facilitate the flying and landing routes.

Continuing our investments in advancing our current methods and supporting the market trends will remain a priority, as we aim to be a market leader in the parking industry, so watch this space!


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