Parking freedom now available in a 10 pack

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A flexible, workable parking solution that can accomodate your needs

Buy your parking in a new more flexible way.

A 10 Pack of  PIN code 'vouchers' to use as you need, when you need, where you need, at your selected car park!

Flexible Vouchers give you all the savings of booking online, quick ticketless entry and exit to the car park, plus all the added benefits of monthly parking, like unrestricted conditions and multiple entries and exits.

Call Now & we will add 1 free additional days parking with every 10 pack!


Ask about Flexi Parking NOW and we will email you the details you want to know.

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How much does a pack of 10 cost?

When you enquire our sales agents can provide cost for your preferred car park. Ask about Flexi Parking Vouchers here and we will add 1 free additional days parking when you buy a 10 pack!

Where can I use Flexi Vouchers?

Flexi Vouchers available across all capital cities, at any car park with Secure-a-Spot online booking. Click here to search for a car park near to where you want to be.

When do the vouchers expire?

You have 6 months to use your flexi vouchers, meaning 6 months parking locked in at the same price!

What customers think about Flexi Parking

Joseph Harmon - Suncorp Corporate Services Fleet and Parking Manager

"Suncorp arranged over 1000 car parks nationally through Secure Parking to accommodate essential workers during the initial COVID-10 crisis.....".

Frank Agius - National Workplace Experience Manager Origin

"In the current environment and as Origin slowly returns to work nationally, engaging with a service providing a workable solution has been invaluable".

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