Club Secure Competition Winners Club Secure Competition Winners

Competition Winners

1 Sept - Ongoing
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We would like to give a BIG congratulations to the following Club Secure members and other promotion and competition winners:

Oz-Comic 2018 Brisbane winners:

  • Steven Henderson
  • Louis Wong
  • Hilary Beltramelli
  • Sharna Jones
  • Felicia Goh
  • Clare Phillips
  • Ray Rose
  • Paul Gunther
  • Jess Nappa
  • Leah King

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical winners:

  • Nicola Gaastra
  • Michael Kiriona
  • Amber Gilmore
  • Debbie Collins
  • John Hornibrook
  • Victoria Breadsell
  • Marie Coimbra
  • Matt Worthington Eyre
  • Jake Kyranis
  • Billie Johnson
  • Aleksandar Stojic
  • Leigh latuselu
  • Sarah Neilsen
  • Susan Waldron
  • Kate Torkington

Wizard of OZ Winner:

  • Christine Martin

Winners of Tea with the Dames:

  • Geoffrey Woolcock
  • Mel Raassina
  • Panayiota Harmantzis
  • Lance Glasgow
  • Tracie Magnet
  • Lisa Scheuch
  • Kelli Somerville
  • Leanne Payne
  • Janet Olding
  • Jane Webster

Winners of  The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time:

  • Melissa Murchison
  • Nikki Kinman
  • Alison Clark
  • Melodee Luangamath
  • Gillian Egan

Winners of Yemen Blues @ Melbourne International Jazz Festival are:

  • Frank See
  • Kim Dall

Winners of Paniyiri Greek Festival are:

  • Hope Zivkovic
  • Amanda Ide
  • Terry & Maria Toumbas

Winners of Cake Show are:

  • Ronda Vorrasi
  • Stephen McMillan
  • Mark Slade
  • Denise Henderson

Winners of Dog Lovers Show are:

  • Lois Budds
  • Rhiannon Kaminski

Winners of The MICF competition are:

  • Olivia Dalton
  • Jennifer Rogan

BBQ Movie Ticket Winners:

  • Beryl Rutherford
  • Janette Meulen
  • Luke Peter Roberts
  • Bronwyn Neeve
  • Rachel A Gray
  • Ela Grumetza
  • Whitney Turner
  • Daraius Karkaria
  • Craig Skinner
  • Hayley Hanley McClellan
  • Ann Hughes
  • Suellen Retschlag
  • Barbara Ceglarski
  • Julie Decker
  • Susana Molina

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