Club Secure Competition Winners Club Secure Competition Winners

Competition Winners

1 Sept - Ongoing
Did you win a Secure Parking promotion?

We would like to give a BIG congratulations to the following Club Secure members and other promotion and competition winners:

BBQ Movie Ticket Winners:

  • Beryl Rutherford
  • Janette Meulen
  • Luke Peter Roberts
  • Bronwyn Neeve
  • Rachel A Gray
  • Ela Grumetza
  • Whitney Turner
  • Daraius Karkaria
  • Craig Skinner
  • Hayley Hanley McClellan
  • Ann Hughes
  • Suellen Retschlag
  • Barbara Ceglarski
  • Julie Decker
  • Susana Molina

Winners of the Double pass to The Manganiyar Seduction:

  • Amy Nason
  • Louise Jenkin

Winners of The Carole King Musical competition:

  • Vojo Zdravkovsk
  • Alison Lee

Aladdin Winners:

  • Marie Price
  • Annette Abrahams
  • Anne Kucks
  • Kylie Burton
  • Jess Disney-Smith
  • Leila Hill
  • Katrina Fell
  • Althea Arends
  • Jo Lovell
  • Alana Marinucci
  • Lucy Harris
  • Serene Lim
  • Belinda Boswell
  • Patricia Munro
  • Victoria Haig 

Night with Cam Smith and JT winners:

  • Brendan Dieckmann
  • Rebecca Shirdon
  • Libby Lavery

Double Pass movie tickets to Swinging Safari, winners are:

  • Lynda Battig
  • Louise Jenkin
  • Vivianne Jones
  • Mona Pedersen
  • Joanne Alice Groves
  • Joanne Aherne
  • Ruth Utteridge
  • Emily Stipanov
  • Damian Knoblanche

Win a VIP Double Pass to Australian Open 2018, thanks to Mastercard:

  • Kylie Damcevski
  • Masih Mortazavi
  • Lucinda Franklin

Winners of the Commuter Movie promotion:

  • Neil Johnston
  • Amie Cawood
  • Alison May
  • Natalie Wright
  • Serene Lim
  • Anita Kettniss
  • Andrew Mitchell
  • Sue Geary
  • Bec Cronlin
  • Allen Chapman
  • Zoe McLachlan
  • Aleisha Mellon
  • Angela Bahuguna
  • Catherine Pham
  • Tara Arthy

Winners of Rocky Horror Double Passes:

  • Linda Bucci
  • Karen Seymour
  • Paul Gunther
  • Maria Braund
  • Margaret Lucas
  • Jodie Anderson
  • Lyn Findlay
  • Lisa Marchant

Winners of Paddington 2 Prize Pack:

  • Lauren Graeme
  • Meagan Imam

Winners of a $250 Dining voucher from Pony Dining Brisbane:

  • Michelle Spadina-Watson
  • Jason Sourris

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