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All your fleet's parking hassles solved

If your business has a range of drivers on the road that regularly need parking, then Advantage Parker would be perfect for you.

Your businesses fleet can park where and when they need – cash free – with an Advantage Parker Card. Charge all your parking to the Advantage Parker card and receive a fully itemised bill outlining all of your fleet’s parking activity, once a month.

Advantage Parker Cards are accepted at more than 170 Secure Parking car parks across Australia.

Car Parks where you can use your Advantage Parker Card:




South Australia

Western Australia

Who uses Advantage Parker?

Advantage Parker is used by thousands of business across Australia that regularly require parking in the CBD. Whether your staff are attending meetings or conducting service calls, Advantage Parker enables them to go about their business with the peace of mind that they don’t need to worry about changing parking conditions or expiring parking meters.

Advantage Parker is perfect for:

  • Mobile sales teams parking
  • Building maintenance teams parking
  • Service worker fleet parking
  • Tradesmen fleet parking
  • Professionals travelling to the CBD on a regular basis requiring different car park locations for multiple parkers

Simple & secure

Pay using your Advantage Parker card when you exit the car park and simply drive away. You’ll be sent an itemised invoice at the end of the month.

Every Advantage Parker card is personalised to ensure maximum and ease of bill reconciliation.

Advantage Parker is a great business solution. No matter what size your fleet, Secure Parking can cover it. You can link up to 500 personalised cards to one account.

Fleet parking made easy!

Consolidate parking costs in your business with Advantage Parker. You’ll receive one itemized monthly bill that tracks the parking history of every car, by time, place, date and charge. That means less time wasted sorting out parking expense claims.

It’s flexible!

We can tailor an Advantage Parker solution to suit your business’s parking needs.

It’s cash free!

No more fumbling for cash to pay for parking or waiting for reimbursements - staff love it.

It’s a handy business tool!

Advantage Parker is a highly effective auditing and tracking tool – management love it.

It’s convenient!

Advantage Parker Cards are accepted at more than 170 Secure Parking car parks across Australia.

One bill, once a month!

Benefits of an Advantage Parker monthly statement include:

  • Less time wasted sorting out parking expense claims.
  • Easily audited and monitored fleet movements.
  • Itemised parking histories for every driver, including car park location, date and parking charge.
  • Simplified tracking of expenses.

We can make the payment process even smoother by arranging direct debits from your nominated credit card or bank account.

To enquire about how to join Advantage Parker or update your details including credit card details submit an enquiry form here.

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