Gold Coast University Hospital Car Park Monthly Parking

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Welcome to parking at Gold Coast University

Hospital Car Park Facility



Parking for Full Time and Part Time Employees will be available via your staff ID & access card by either Option 1 or Option 2. Part time car parking is available for all staff with a maximum 8 days or 6 days or 4 days of parking in any 2 week period depending on option chosen.


Parking for other Casual Employees will be facilitated via Option 3.

To apply staff must please completed and return the required documentation that can be downloaded from the following link, or alternatively you may obtain a copy from the Car Park Management Office located on ground floor of the Car Park Facility: 

Option 1 - Salary Sacrifice (Remserv) (Click Here) or Smart Salary (Click Here)

The following documentation must be be returned to Secure Parking:

1. Parking Application and;
2. Parking License Agreement (Salary Sacrifice Version)


Contact Remserv/Smartsalary immediately to set up or reactivate your account. 

You must also ensure you complete the Remserv or Smart Salary application form and submit this directly to Remserv or Smart Salary. This can be obtained via their website.

When activated, this option guarantees you a park when car park is FULL. Advise attendant at entry.

Options are charged at:
Full time - $79.81 per fortnight

8 days - $63.85 per fortnight

6 days - $47.89 per fortnight

4 days - $31.92 per fortnight.

The team at RemServ & Smart Salary can tailor a salary package that could save you dollars.

Full Time Employee Example:

Did you know that QH employees earning between $37,001 - $80,000 pa will only pay 67.5% of the total parking fee thanks to salary sacrifice deductions?

Recharge Card rates (Option 3) of $95 per fortnight can be slashed to as low as $53.87 per fortnight full time or $32.33 6 days (net). That’s only $5.40 per day.*

*Staff are advised to seek independent taxation advice from a professional tax agent to ensure their personal circumstances are met.

Option 2 - Monthly Parking (Non Salary Sacrifice) Click Here

Required Documentation to be returned to Secure Parking:

1. Parking Application;
2. Parking License Agreement and;
3. Direct Debit Authority (Payment is only available via direct debit to a bank account or credit card)

NOTE: Applications must be received no later that the 24th of each month to be eligible to commence parking on the 1st of the following month.

This option is charged at $173.00 per month. The Monthly Parking account is invoiced and paid in advance on the 1st of each month. A one month bond of $173.00 is also payable at the commencement of parking. The bond is refundable when the account is cancelled. Minimum term is 3 months.

When activated, this option guarantees you a park when car park is FULL. Advise attendant at entry.


Option 3 - Recharge Card (Casual Employees ONLY) Click here

NOTE: Using this option does not guarantee entry to car park when facility is full.  

Required documentation to be returned to Secure Parking:

1. Parking Application and Parking License Agreement;
2. Proof of casual employment status

Please allow 48 hours (2 business days) for processing of your application prior to collecting your recharge card.

This option will be charged at $9.50 per exit. Only amounts of $95 & $190 are available to top-up the Recharge Card via the pay-station. Recharge Cards can be collected only from the Car Park Management Office located on the Ground Floor of the Car Park Facility.

NOTE: Recharge cards attract a $20.00 non-refundable card fee upon collection and proof of casual employment status must be produced. Method of payments accepted at office are only Eftpos or Debit/Credit Card (No Cash). Pay stations accept cash or card. Our friendly staff will provide informative instructions on usage procedures upon collection of your Recharge Card.


The Parking Applcation Form and Parking Licence Agreement can be submitted via three methods:

  1. Email
  2. Fax             (07) 5563 2133
  3. In Person   Car Park Management Office – Ground Floor GCUH Car Park Facility between 09:00am – 17:00pm, Monday to Sunday

The correct documentation specific to your parking selection must be received and approved prior to activation of any parking passes. You may only have one (1) option activated at one time.

If you have you have any questions relating to the application process, please feel free to contact the Secure Parking Management Team on (07) 5563 2122 or