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RACQ Parking Report 2016


A report suggesting all Brisbane motorists are being slugged an average of $28 per hour for short-term off-street parking in Brisbane’s CBD is not based on any facts.

Secure Parking's General Manager Queensland, David Knight says a report on Brisbane’s car parking rates has failed to take into account massive online savings for short term parking.

Mr Knight said thousands of savvy consumers each day, who use Secure Parking’s Secure-a-Spot to pre-book their short term stay, save as much as $18 per hour, if not more.

He said the bulk of their customers now pre-book online where they can as save much as 50 per cent on drive up rates and the latest report does not include the savings in its data.

‘The recent RACQ report needs to be look at what consumers pay for parking in their entirety and not just cherry-picking the drive-up rate which the majority of motorists do not pay,” Mr Knight said.

“There are a decreasing number of drive-up customers for off-street parking because people know how much cheaper it is to book online.

Mr Knight pointed out that more than 3000 motorists book online every day in Brisbane and consumers can pre-book three hours in CBD car parks for less than $7 per hour and it’s even cheaper after 2pm in the afternoon.

Secure Parking’s AM Parker allows motorists to park for a maximum of three hours between 9am and 2pm for $20 and the PM Parker rate after 2pm is a flat $15.

'There are numerous products on the market that consumers can use to circumnavigate casual hourly parking rates and the latest report needs to take these into account.' Mr Knight said

'It would be beneficial if there was a story on how to find the cheapest parking to suit your needs in Brisbane’s CBD than one that takes the worst case scenario and paints it as the norm.'

'It does not help retailers and restaurants when the impression is given that parking costs $28 per hour in the city when it’s far from reality.'