Liven Partnership

Liven - Reward Yourself

The restaurant rewards platform that pays YOU universal Liven Cash with every single meal purchased.

Secure Parking and Liven are working together to help Australians experience more in their cities. Get to the heart of the action and leave your car, worry-free in the hands of Secure Parking, then consult the Liven app to browse hundreds of restaurants rewarding you with digital cash for every dollar spent.

Secure Parking members receive a $10 starter credit with no minimum spend to try it out. Download the free Liven app from the Google Playstore or Apple App Store then simply enter SECURE10 under the promo codes tab from the Liven app menu.

Using Liven is simple:

  1. Browse hundreds of restaurants.
  2. Pay with a swipe.
  3. Earn Liven Cash
  4. Spend it, save it up, or pass it on to charity.