Melb Cheap Parking

Cheap Parking in Melbourne CBD

Melbourne Parking Just Got Cheaper!

Early Bird Parking from $15* and Weekend Parking from $8* in the Melbourne CBD

In what can only be explained as complete madness, Secure Parking in Melbourne is offering Early Bird and Weekend Parking at various locations in the CBD at reduced prices!  All you have to do is book your parking using Secure-a-Spot - our stress-free way of guaranteeing a parking spot in the city whilst saving you money on the normal parking rate.

But don't forget, Early Bird and Weekend Parking is subject to Entry and Exit Conditions.

Early Bird Parking from $15*. Check out the car parks below for the Early Bird Rate:

300 Flinders StreetBook now - With Secure-a-Spot

522 Flinders Lane Book now - With Secure-a-Spot

Weekend Parking from $8*. Check out the car parks below for the Weekend Parking Rate:

392 Bourke Street Book now - With Secure-a-Spot

15 William Street Book now - With Secure-a-Spot

For information on how to book using Secure-a-Spot - Click here

*The price of each car park in this page is subject to change, so please refer to the individual car park for accurate price. From 15/5/17, when you book online, a booking fee of $1.00 will be applied to the total purchase price.