SAS Express Bookings

SAS Express Bookings

Introducing Secure-a-Spot Express Bookings – Your 3-click booking experience!

At Secure Parking, we’re always looking at way to improve Secure-a-Spot and now we’re pleased to introduce Express Bookings – the new way to make a Secure-a-Spot booking in seconds!

The Express Bookings tab shows you your 3 most recent car park / product bookings and their next availability. From which you can choose to book or change the date to suit, in only 3 clicks.

Find out how simple it is to use our Express Bookings tool by following the steps below.

Next time, you open Secure-a-Spot, you’ll notice a new Express Bookings Tab on the Car Park Search Tool.

SAS Express Bookings 

Click 1 – Log into your Secure-a-Spot Account

Remember, you can only access Express Bookings once you’ve logged into Secure-a-Spot!

Once you log into Secure-a-Spot with your User Name and Password, click on the Express Booking Tab.

You’ll instantly see duplicates of your last three bookings made, updated with the next available date and lowest available price (including a booking fee of $1.00).

SAS Express Bookings 

Click 2 – Select your Express Booking Product

If you’re happy with selecting one of the Express Booking products listed for the next available day, all you have to do is click the ‘Book Now’ Button.

Otherwise, simply update the date and/or entry time as required, before pressing ‘Book Now’.

SAS Express Bookings 

Click 3 - Confirm your Booking

You’ll be taken to the Confirm Booking Page where all you’ll need to do is agree to the Secure-a-Spot Terms and Conditions and click on the ‘Confirm Booking’ button.

You’ll then receive your Secure-a-Spot PIN by email or SMS and your booking will be charged to your default credit card or Secure-a-Spot Gift Card.

If you’re already nominated as a Qantas Frequent Flyer member, you’ll still earn points on your booking.

I’m not looking to park on the next available day!

If you want to book one of your Express Booking products, but want to change the date of the booking, all you need to do is click the Edit button next to the Express Booking’s date.

The best priced product at that car park on that day will display.

SAS Express Bookings 

Once that’s done, just click on the ‘Book Now’ button to book your spot.

For express bookings of our Casual Hourly Parking product, you can change the date and entry time of your Express Booking but the duration of your stay will remain the same as your previous booking.

I don’t want to book one of my Express Booking Listings

No worries! You can still book the regular way by clicking the ‘Car Park Search’ tab. Next time you visit Secure-a-Spot, your most recent booking will appear in your Express Booking List.

I want to apply a Promotion Code to my booking

We’ve designed Express Bookings to provide users the quickest way to make a Secure-a-Spot booking.

If you want to apply a Promotion Code, change a credit card or add a Partner Program benefit to your booking, simply make a Secure-a-Spot booking the regular way by clicking the ‘Car Park Search’ tab.