QLD Parking Notice - Debbie Storm

Due to the extreme weather conditions being forecast in the Brisbane area today, you may be required to leave your car park earlier or later than planned.

Please be advised, customers that have booked Early Bird parking today will not incur any additional charges for exiting the car park outside of the Early Bird exit conditions. Please enter your Secure-a-Spot PIN at exit as per usual.

Further to this, any customers that have not booked online but have entered the car park within Early Bird conditions, our team will ensure that you are charged the Early Bird rate. To receive the appropriate rate, all customers who have a ticket confirming that they have entered within Early Bird conditions, will need to attend an automatic pay station before approaching the exit. Please press the intercom and a Customer Care team member will be able to assist. Unfortunately we are unable to provide the correct Early Bird rate at the exit gate and encourage all customers to locate a pay station within the car park.

If you experience any difficulty or have any further enquiries, our Customer Care Centre will be available to assist. Please press the intercom button in the car park or email us qldservice@secureparking.com.au.

We wish you a safe journey home today.