How To Book

How to book your parking using Secure-a-Spot

Booking parking online with Secure-a-Spot is easy! All you have to do is select a car park that offers Secure-a-Spot online booking and click the ‘BOOK NOW’ button which is located next to the product and rate you wish to select at that car park.

Alternatively use our Deal Finder Tool to identify all the ‘cheap’ parking options that meet your requirements. You’ll see a ‘BOOK NOW’ button next to all Secure-a-Spot products.

Once you click on the ‘BOOK NOW’ button, you’ll be taken to the Secure-a-Spot online booking service for your selected Secure Parking car park.

Follow these simple steps and using the Secure-a-Spot online booking service will be as easy as 1-2-3-4!

Step 1 - Select the date and times you wish to enter and exit the car park

Secure-a-Spot Online Booking Parking CBDWhen you arrive at the Secure-a-Spot landing page, you’ll need to select the date you intend to use the car park and choose your arrival and departure time. The Secure-a-Spot system will provide you with a range of suitable products to choose from.


Step 2 - Select the product you wish to choose

Secure-a-Spot Online Booking Parking CBDThere are a range of parking products such as Early Bird, Weekend, Party Parker, Evening and Casual parking available at Secure-a-Spot locations. Simply select a product that suits your requirements.

We understand that unforeseen events such as traffic jams or roadworks can delay your journey; so Secure-a-Spot products have extended grace times built into their entry time, so you don’t need to stress out if you don’t enter the car park at the exact time that you selected.

Step 3 - Register your details

Secure-a-Spot Online Booking Parking CBDRegister your details and pay with your preferred credit card. We accept all Credit Card types, as well as our Advantage Parker card.

Step 4 - Enter your Secure-a-Spot Promotional Code

Secure-a-Spot Online Booking Parking CBDFrom time to time, we issue promotional Secure-a-Spot codes that offer even greater discounts on parking. Be sure to enter your promotional code after you select the full price product. If you don’t have a promotional code, you can still use the Secure-a-Spot service to access discounted parking rates.

What to do when you get to the car park

Secure-a-Spot Online Booking Parking CBDWhen you pay for your parking, you’ll be sent a confirmation email that includes a Secure-a-Spot PIN number.

Don’t forget that number! That’s your exclusive key to enter and exit the car park, but it can only be used once!

  1. Just enter your exclusive Secure-a-Spot PIN Number at the Orange Secure-a-Spot Touch Screens in the clearly marked Pre-Booking lanes at the car park entry.
  2. Park in any of the free bays (except Reserved Bays). For Secure-a-Spot Early Bird Parking, you must park in allocated Early Bird areas only or as directed by staff.
  3. When you leave the car park simply re-enter your Secure-a-Spot PIN Number at the Touch Screen at the car park exit.

If you accidently miss your exit time, don’t worry. Your Secure-a-Spot PIN Number will still let you out of the car park but you may receive an additional charge to your nominated credit card.

To view Secure-a-Spot Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), please click here.