Rockstar Parking with Secure-a-Spot - Cheap Parking in Melbourne CBD, Sydney CBD and Brisbane CBD

Rockstar Parking at Heavily Discounted Prices

Rockstar Parking at Bargain Prices in Melbourne

Only available when you book online with Secure-a-Spot

Secure Parking is rolling out the red carpet with a range of fantastic Secure-a-Spot Parking Offers.

With heaps of Secure-a-Spot car parks across the CBD, you can park close to your destination every time you head into the city when you book online.


$5 Weekend & Evening Parking

114 Flinders Street 
300 Flinders Street 
376 Flinders Street 
392 Bourke Street 
59 Lonsdale Street 
522 Flinders Lane 
460 Lonsdale Street 
15 William Street 
Midcity - 179 Little Bourke Street

25% OFF Casual Parking

114 Flinders Street - Promotion Code: ROCKSTAR114
300 Flinders Street - Promotion Code: ROCKSTAR300
376 Flinders Street - Promotion Code: ROCKSTAR376
392 Bourke Street - Promotion Code: ROCKSTAR392
59 Lonsdale Street - Promotion Code: ROCKSTAR59
522 Flinders Lane - Promotion Code: ROCKSTAR522
460 Lonsdale Street - Promotion Code: ROCKSTAR460
15 William Street - Promotion Code: ROCKSTAR15
Midcity - 179 Little Bourke - Promotion Code: ROCKSTAR179
50 Lonsdale Street - Promotion Code: ROCKSTAR50
Olderfleet - Promotion Code: ROCKSTAR448
312 St Kilda Road - Promotion Code:ROCKSTAR312