Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's to help Secure Parking customers get the most from parking with us

At Secure Parking we value our customers and want you to find the answers to all your parking questions quickly and easily.

With this aim in mind we have complied all of your questions into a single help section where you can search for helpful articles.

And here are some quick links to our current Top 10 FAQ's

  1. How-to contact us your can fill out this form
  2. How-to cancel a current booking
  3. How-to change the date or time of a online parking booking with Secure-a-Spot
  4. How to get a receipt for parking that was booked online
  5. What to do if about a lost ticket
  6. What happens if you stay longer than the time you booked
  7. Need to understand Early Bird Parking conditions
  8. Can you go in and out of the car park multiple times when booked online
  9. About refunds
  10. What to do if the car park is full

If you want to contact us urgently you can use either of the below phone numbers depending on where you are located:

Australia 1300 727 483

New Zealand 09 379 9481


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